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How to Avoid Boundary Disputes

Boundary surveys can be required for many reasons. For new developments it is necessary to submit plans to HM Land Registry to register new property and titles. Discrepancies in boundaries can be highlighted at the time property is conveyed.

Disputes between neighbors do occur, often over matters unrelated to boundaries. Professional, impartial advice and assistance, early on in the life of a problem, can assist in bringing about a speedier and more cost effective resolution to the issue.

Issues Resolved by Boundary Surveys

There can be a difference between physical boundaries on the ground and legal boundaries that exist in deeds and land registry documents. While solicitors are experts in the legal field, the advice and assistance of professional land surveyors can be invaluable in providing mapping and positional expertise to resolve problems.

Expert Winess Service

If required, expert witness reports can be provided to assist in mediation or litigation processes to aid in the resolution of boundary disputes.

Contacting Axis Surveys

If you want to discuss your boundary survey requirements in more detail then please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can either send us your details via our contact form or call us now on 01507 606397.

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