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Setting Out Service

What is Setting Out

Setting out involves the establishment of markers on the ground. The clients design coordinates can be directly uploaded to the Topcon GPT 8205A Total station to provide an efficient setting out partnership.

The auto tracking facility of the instrument can remove the need to manually enter data and turn angles, as with traditional non motorized equipment. The reduction in the manual data input element of the process improves efficiency and utilizes the most up to date technology available to the surveyor.

Setting Out for Building and Civil Engineering Projects

Building and civil engineering projects, upon reaching the construction phase of the project, require setting out work on site to transfer the design from paper to ground. It may be necessary to establish boundaries on site to define the limits of the works or to resolve a boundary issue.

Contacting Axis Surveys

If you want to discuss your setting out requirements in more detail then please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can either send us your details via our contact form or call us now on 01507 606397.

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